We support mapping and automotive companies in their efforts to provide better, safer mobility solutions. We offer consulting services, research and prototyping, infrastructure development and technology assets for the next generation of maps.

Experts in the domain of mapping, machine vision, AI and distributed  embedded-cloud systems,  we have a passion for high-tech software that solves real world problems.

Our sparse data model optimized for high accuracy delivers high reliability at low operational cost 
A service and technology company delivering the infrastructure for real time car safety. Our software assets are designed to create high accuracy maps, providing reliable real time road information to vehicles on the road

ABOUT ClearMotion

​Crowdsourcing data from vehicles and fog processing architecture to update the map in real-time
From static road geometry to highly dynamic events, vehicles can see around the corner 

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Safe on the ROAD

Vehicle safety is on the course of radical changes with automation and next generation of Maps